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Beauty Made Simple

Our Permanent Cosmetics and Rejuvenating Facial Services will transform your time and your confidence.

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The Problem:

Women spend over an hour every day on make-up and overly complicated skincare routines. That's 365 hours a year - over Seven Full Weeks every year!
Seven Full Weeks! Yikes!!!

And your eyebrows may still not be even, your foundation doesn't cover or last, not to mention the smearing, smudging, running, staining, and reapplication. UGH!

But ~ we have Solutions.

Time is the Most Precious Thing We Have

Get yours back.

When there are solutions to looking good and saving hundreds of hours of that precious time our services are a logical choice.  It also just feels really good to love the way you look right outta bed!

Permanent Cosmetics and Corrective Clinical Facial Treatments will give you looks you’ll love from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest your head on your pillow, all day, all week, all year long.

Take that extra hour a day for a relaxed morning, time with your kids, cooking classes ,  doing something your really love . . .   maybe even write that dissertation.  

You’ll have an extra 365 hours to do it in in one year alone.  Add that up over a decade and you can do anything.  

Let’s get started. 

the Solutions:

Permanent Eyebrows Permanent Eyeliner Permanent Lip Color Before & After (3)
Permanent Cosmetics

Instead of Applying Make-Up Every Day How About Every Other Year?  With our Ultimate Beauty Package: Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner & Permanent Lip Color you look amazing and have all that time for yourself!

Rejuvenation Facial Services in Summerfield and The Villages
Rejuvenating Facial Services

Correct your imperfections and smooth your skin.  We custom design your facial services for fast results.  Say goodbye to all that Foundation!  All you’ll need to do is apply Sunscreen in the am and Serums at night.

AnteAGE MD Skincare System and Brightener
Clinical Skincare

How about a Skincare Routine that takes Five Minutes?  Active Ingredients that, with daily use, improve the health and appearance of skin, prevent damage, and activate repair at the cellular level.

Your New Morning Routine?
  • Wake Up
  • Quick Cleanse
  • SPF & Lip Gloss
Your New Evening Routine?
  • Quick Cleanse
  • Skincare
  • Sleep

We make this easy for you.

Schedule your appointments.  We do everything else for you.  Easy!


Step One:

See Our Portfolio

Our Before & After Photographs show you your potential for lasting eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color, and smooth, clear skin.


Step Two:

Schedule A Consultation

Tell us what you love about your looks ~ and what you’re dissatisfied with.  We’ll develop a program to address your unique needs.  In no time can see amazing results!


Step Three

Book Your Service

Begin your Journey.  Look amazing and have hundreds of hours of your life back!

Start Today!

Victoria Knight
Hi!  I’m Victoria Knight

Here's why I do what I do

The last thing we do before we walk out the door is look in the mirror, right?  Before the Zoom meeting, before the interview, before the date . . . .

And if you’re planning a European Vacation – or just a trip to the beach – do you really want to spend an hour on skincare and make-up?  I don’t!  I want to get out of bed and go out and live my life!  I want that for all of us.

I make sure that you have a place to go for beauty services that are incredibly effective, non-toxic, make your life easier, and give you tremendous confidence in yourself.

It’s my mission.

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