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There are products and services that I absolutely love and recommend that earn a bit of referral credit for me.  Just want you to know. 

Beauty Made Simple

Time couldn’t care less.  So we have to manage it ourselves.  

In 2001 I discovered Permanent Make-Up and was instantly sold.  It is easily the most time saving beauty service you can have.  Who wouldn’t want lasting make-up.  I mean!  Most people get around two years out of their procedures but sometimes people get three or four years!   That is a priceless return on your investment.

And smooth, clear skin.  The kind of skin that leaves people guessing about how old you are.  The feeling you get looking in the mirror can’t be compared.  

Permanent Make-Up

First we begin with Permanent Eyebrows.  The right brows are everything.

We take a considerable amount of time designing your brows.  They have to be balanced, and in harmony with the rest of your face.  And there is just something special about enhancing what mother nature gave you, as an individual, that is by far the most beautiful brow shape you can have.

The right Permanent Eyeliner will make your eyes appear larger, more prominent, and bring out the color of your eyes.  The other thing you will notice is that your eyes are less puffy on a regular basis.  Permanent Eyeliner also keeps you from stretching your skin; all that pulling and tugging and cleansing can damage the collagen and elastin in the eye area, making you look older, faster.

We all know what the right lipstick color can do for us, and Permanent Lip Color is no exception.  But it won’t be on someone’s cheek, or the coffee mug, or the wine glass.  

Professional Rejuvenation Services

We only offer two types of procedures for Rejuvenation.  They are the two that do the most with the least down time.  The results speak for themselves.  They are Collagen Induction Therapy and the Plasma Pen.

We offer these services in a Package that will take you back to looking like your younger self.  

Our goal with these Corrective Clinical Facial Services is for you to not need any foundation.  

Imagine waking up, a quick cleanse with a microfiber mitt, applying SPF, and you’re done!

It just doesn’t get any better.

Why did I wait so long . . .

This is the most common comment we get.  So start today.  

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Victoria Knight

When I learned that you could have fantastic eyebrows, eyeliner, lip color, and glowing, fabulous skin safely, all day, every day, I was all in! Learn more on our site. Then let me know when you're ready for your appointment. See You Soon! 💋

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