About Victoria Knight

For me, Beauty is Confidence - and it must be simple!

More than a few of the skincare products available are under-researched, unsafe and ineffective.

Make-Up is loaded with things we shouldn’t put on our faces -and then we have to use strong removers to pull, push, and scrub the make-up off . . . 

This isn’t sustainable for our health or beauty!

Enter Permanent Cosmetics and Clinical Skincare.


Early on in life I lost several family members to cancer.   As a young woman I went on a quest to find, and use, safe, professional grade products and services that really worked.  

It was hard!  But I discovered Permanent Make-Up and Effective Skincare Services and Products that are not only safe and effective, they will help you feel beautiful all day, every day!

I learned as a very young girl what it was like to have lost your looks; my mother had cancer, wore wigs, lost her brows, and felt so sad about her appearance.

That picture of me?  Just Permanent Make-Up!

(and eyelash extensions, lol

when the lightbulb went off for me

I lost 4 family members to cancer before I was 17.  I kept asking why, why, why, why, why!?  Why did they get cancer?  Was it something they did?  Something they ate?  Something they used on their skin?  The air they breathed?  Where they lived?  Their clothes?

It was a complete mystery to me.

The word ‘carcinogenic’ became part of my vocabulary at age 11, and my research journey began.

One of the things I know, for sure, is that when we feel good about the way we look we are capable of putting ourselves out there.  I believe we each have a mission – beyond just looking good – and we need that confidence to let ourselves be seen.  But less that 10% of all personal care products are tested for safety.  

I don’t talk about this, the beauty and convenience of my services is what takes center stage, but I make sure that everything is both incredibly effective and absolutely non-carcinogenic.

Every single product or service provided at my Studio is Safe and Non-Toxic.

These products can be used if you are pregnant, nursing, and no matter your health concern.  

And you will get Results!

Safe, effective beauty products and services are my mission.

some fun facts
about me!

Classical Vocal Performance

I studied Classical Vocal Performance in Undergraduate and Grad School.  There I discovered a love of stage make-up and that lead me to professional stage and traditional make-up which lead to professional skincare.

Victoria Knight Microneedling

I’m Certified in Medical and Oncology Skincare, Medical and Oncology Massage, have a Master Microneedling Certificate, have Certifications from all the major Permanent Cosmetics Associations, and have hundreds of hours of Advanced Permanent Cosmetic education.

Victoria Knight Perpetual Student

I am forever a Student.
I am a constant researcher (read: beauty geek!) and love adding new, effective products and services to my Beauty Menu.

I am a feminist – a womanist – and believe that every extra ounce of time and energy we have can be used to make our own lives, and the lives of people around us, better.